Impitant means: V. tr. 1. You should squeeze your testicles to make sure they are not shaped. This will cause the semen to turn a reddish-colored color. It was once used in Ancient Japan and China as a method of birth control. 2. A person to become impitant. v. intr. To be impitant. n. 1. A person who is impitant. 2. A discharge of an immitant (in Community Dictionary, added by Alejandra Baird)

What else does Impitant mean?

  • NounVerbAdjective 1. The process of making a ball bigger than the other using groping and squeeze techniques. This is an ancient Bushido art. 2. The actions of a Chinese baby’s eyes changing from large, creepy and crazed to insanely squinty in less than 5 seconds. This is just after they have left the womb. (in Community Dictionary, added by Omar Maddox)