if statement means: A if statement can be used to execute logic according to the application purpose. Programming is often viewed as difficult. However, this simple example shows that variables, functions, and if statements are all easy to understand once they’re applied to laymen’s terms. DELETE person_you_hate = insert name of hated individual DESCRIPTION = Insert name of disability If person_that_you_hate is a disability, then do send-to-gas-chamber Other do commit-suicide End if Function send-to gas-chamber Grab the person you hate Then, shove the person_you_hate Then close the door Turn the knob. Watch gas kill the person you hate Return happy function commit-suicide Grab the person you hate Then humiliate the person you hate Then hand the person_you_hate noose Then force the person you hate onto a wonky table watch person_you_hate die Return happy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Raegan Casey)