idiosynchronicity means: This sounds very much like “idiosyncrasy,” so it’s easy to make a fool of the manager. The phenomenon of people performing stupid actions and being related to one another is called “idiosynchronicity”. One example: When one of your coworkers’ pants start to smoke due to his inability to properly dispose of the joint before he smoked it, how does that coincide with the boss coming back from lunch? He will smell the pot and, in infinite wisdom, inspect the oven for any burning pizzas. Then he will grab the fire extinguisher to chase the shop looking for them. Your coworker who is stoned and has his pants burning, laughs too much to realize that he hadn’t completely put them out, and they have re-lit. He’s now all burned and runs towards the lavatory. His incoherent babbling has managed to alarm the boss who releases the fire extinguer. 15 people are forced to take their lunches outside to fend the pigeons. Our idiotic ancestors used to justify the strange nature of people’s actions, blaming them for their different shortcomings. See also: Personality traits that were attributed to astral bodies. The modern world is aware of the phenomenon of stupidity but does not recognize the complex tapestry of stupidity. (in Community Dictionary, added by Antonia Álvarez)