ICR, Introspections Costa Rica means: The “Transitional Living Program” is based on bureaucratic rules and arbitrary grades. False promises are also included. There are some key words that you must know in order to succeed at ICR. This easy-to-understand translation of favorite phrases from staff will help you understand what these words actually mean. It’s been “— I haven’t been looking at it. I’m very focused on it. “We’ve had budget cuts.”–The program founder decided to raise his salary once again and siphon the funds from the account that the students use. “We must walk to the gym today.”–The program’s founder got drunk, and he slept in the van far from the center of town. The van was uselessly used for transportation. It’s not about THEM. It’s about YOU. I don’t know how to explain this, but somewhere, it was suggested that you should tell them. (in Community Dictionary, added by George Case)