Icon Of Growth means: Shim Jaeyoon or Sim Jaeyun is Jake from Enhypen and holds the title “Icon Of Growth”. He came from Australia at the age of 16 to South Korea in pursuit of his dream to be a kpop singer. At his audition, he was able beat 500 others. He was chosen as an applicant to the survival program I-land after only nine months training in K-pop. From his first TXT performance of Crown, to being ranked number 1 by Flicker’s producers, he was able show incredible growth. The final team of Enhypen, his debut group, was chosen. He finished third in the show and received millions of votes. He is better every time he takes to the stage. He is known for his heart of gold. He is a sweet and humble Aussie boy, with big dreams. (in Community Dictionary, added by Priscilla Giles)