iceberging means: When a portion of his body is visible tenting in his shorts like an iceberg’s tip, he is considered giluilty. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anne Blankenship)

What else does iceberging mean?

  • This is the process of freezing a shit, either one’s own or the one of a friend or relative. Once the shit has solidified sufficiently, the homo sapian can then use the new weapon of destruction called a “dildo”. This can be used to delight any oroface it fits. (in Community Dictionary, added by Frankie Shannon)
  • Take a huge shit that piles up on top of one another until it reaches the surface of the water. This is called an “iceberg”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Federico Ortiz)
  • A process where a woman takes angled photos to create a profile photo on a social network site. Although she looks adorable in the photo, you can see that her body is much larger than you thought. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darryl Stein)