i -dub-nub means: Players of Socom II on Playstation 2 coined this “word” in the early to mid 2004. This describes someone who is using an unjust weapon like the IW80. Because it is fully auto-fired, this weapon produces a lot of headshots. It is therefore used by I-dubs. You can break it down as follows: I-dub-nub = IW80newb. but, pronounced eye-duhb-nuhb. It is an unusual word because it wasn’t created until socom II was released in late 2003. In fact, this word is still being used regularly since 2004. This is due to the ban on legitimate matches of most people who once used it. This word, which was used for 6 months has started to vanish. You might be able to still find it by using the socom 2 e-seals servers. However, it could no longer exist. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fátima Montoro)