hustling means: Juggling boyfriends. You can be emotionally involved with multiple men at once, even though neither one of them knows about the other guys. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lia Brady)

What else does hustling mean?

  • For every opportunity you have, work for it. (in Community Dictionary, added by FulbrighHent)
  • Contrary to what many believe, the term hustlin is used to describe selling one’s sex for money, also known as prostitution. A woman who sex to make money is called a whore. However, hustlers are males who sex to make money. The streets are filled with male hustlers who seek to make a living by sex for money. They often pick up prostitutes or gypsies in exchange for some of their male sex. Gigolos are different from hustlers in that they only engage in straight sex. Movies that refer to hustlers include American Heart, Milk and My Own Private Idaho. Christiane F. is Transamerica. You don’t want to become a hustler. (in Community Dictionary, added by Warren Sellers)
  • Someone who does anything to make money is called a hustler. To con people into giving money. To extort money from others. (in Community Dictionary, added by Angeline Perkins)
  • Hustling refers to the act of making a profit by stealing money from a person or group. A hustler is viewed as being less skilled than the mark. In order to get the mark to bet on their winnings, the hustler will prey upon his confidence. Although this is most common in pools halls, it has spread to other sports. Playing casual games, winning or losing as appropriate will help the Hustler gain confidence. The Hustler will place a modest wager on match IE 20, once he feels confident. The hustler may then throw the first game and bet an even higher sum on the second. Good hustlers will allow you to win twice or three times, gradually increasing the amount of betting until you appear to be extremely frustrated. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adriel Kirk)
  • Hustling can be described as grafting for your cash and, in certain cases, a slightly illegal way to make your money. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mercedes Rodríguez)
  • The goal of hustle is to make money from everything, no matter how small. This happens mostly in the ghettos where there are few people who have enough so they must hustle. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ahmed Joyce)