Huss means: A hug and kiss are equal to 5050. It is the same as the word “huss” to take hu half of your hugs and then ss the rest of the kisses. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elliott Burgess)

What else does Huss mean?

  • Legally hustle. Hustle can be confused with hustle, which is illegally stealing an item and then selling it. Hussing is the act of selling an item that you legally purchased for a high profit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chaim Pugh)
  • The huss can be described as a more sophisticated version of the slut. Although they may seem’slutty’ for the acts that they perform, their general demeanor is quite different. The huss has the same relationship with sexy sluts or skanks as a burlesque performer does with a stripper. Because Hussies are still respected, they don’t tend to get resented by boys or girls. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darren Fisher)