HusBro means: A man has illegally entered another country by marrying his sister. (in Community Dictionary, added by Susana Díaz)

What else does HusBro mean?

  • A brother and sister are often so close it can be quite creepy. People start talking about them in a sexual manner and eventually he is called her husbandbrother. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jonathon Blake)
  • Gen X expression of affection similar to ‘hubby. (in Community Dictionary, added by Franklin Hurley)
  • A couple of male friends who are very close and have no sexual relations. (in Community Dictionary, added by Justus Brock)
  • Two male friends reach this stage when their relationship is no longer gay. They are now bromos and have committed to each other as husbros and husbros. They will never be apart. The final stage of any bromance is this. These are the stages Friends Buddies Bros Bromo This is the beginning of bromance. It was first used by Scrubs during the bromances of J.D. Turk Husbro was first coined in a bromance between RaulSandrock and XtermWizzy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Esiquio Molina)