Hurt means: A person, object, place, etc. It is likely to be ugly, unattractive, or, in the instance of an object/place is dilapidated. Lack of funds to upgrade. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tiana Figueroa)

What else does Hurt mean?

  • Injure is to cause pain or physical injury (to an individual or body part) (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A person or body part that is in pain or suffers injury. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Distress is the infliction of mental or emotional suffering. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Cause physical harm to (something); harm. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • To cause harm; to hinder or impair. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A feeling of pain or discomfort. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • To cause an adverse reaction. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Be in financial need to experience any kind of distress or hardship. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A pain or injury that causes discomfort; (in AZ Dictionary)
  • An error; harm. (in AZ Dictionary)