huddy means: Walking home after a party and getting a hand job from a girl. (in Community Dictionary, added by Verónica González)

What else does huddy mean?

  • Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstine portray a terrible on-screen romance. It has happened to be a part of a conflict or romance between hamerons, huddys. The romance between the two onscreen characters is not compatible with what’s happening offscreen. The show’s terrible twist caused ratings to plummet by more than 4 million viewers. David shore is responsible for this horrible plot. He doesn’t even know about the absurd chemistry that exists between Dr.Cameron, Dr.House and Jen Morrison. Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edlestine don’t share the same chemistry, and houseMd is blaming David shores errors. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madeline Floyd)
  • New York’s huddy is called a dub. (in Community Dictionary, added by Absalón Gallego)
  • A noun that means “not progressing”, or “ghetto”, or “lazy”, or “unwilling”. This term is derived from the “HUD Homes” properties that were foreclosed on by lenders. The US Department of Housing Urban Development took over ownership by making the remaining mortgage payment. The signs “HUD home” would be displayed at the windows and doors of these houses. These signs are particularly prominent in inner cities during difficult economic times. (in Community Dictionary, added by Boogle)
  • Hot couple who need to take off their clothes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Stephen Serrano)
  • The name of the relationship between House & Cuddy, from the HOUSE TV Show. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marshall Gay)