Houzo means: Houzo. Houzo is a person who lives in housing, in Toongabbie, or the wentworthviile area in sydney. Houzos are known for living in poor quality housing, and to be fond of sleeping on dirty beds. The houzo is also known as the slacker yobbo. Houzos can get money from the government, pay only 50 rent and have plenty of time. This allows them to spend their spare money on a computer and enjoy unlimited free porn online. Although some housing commission homes are high-quality, they are often surrounded by noisy roads and smelly creeks. You can identify a housing com by the large number of beer bottles found in parks or huge garbage piles at the front yard. Houzos prefer to consume VB and tooheys. The choice of beer is a source of conflict for Houzos. Tooheys Toongabbie = wentworthviile Complex people who want everything for nothing are called houzos. Houzos can be heavy drinkers or somkers of all things. Many people quit smoking because they want to save money. They then get drunk again and smoke again. A houzo’s haircut is the classic “mullet cut” and is often not shaven, unless there is a centerlink interview. Transport is old, rusty vehicles that leak oil but are barely running. Many houzos choose public transport because they are too big to be filled with stuff to receive their “L”s at 40. If you bring a 6-pack or a 12-pack, many houzos will be your best friend. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leoncio Gallego)