horticulture means: An attempt to improve the culture of a lady at the dinner. (in Community Dictionary, added by Melvin Guerrero)

What else does horticulture mean?

  • This subsistence model is distinguished by intensive gardening. This is essentially small-scale agriculture, which produces all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Societies that rely on horticulture have strong associations with maternal families. Daughters inherit their mother’s land. Men clear the forest to make way for gardens, and women then take control. This can be done by cutting and burning. In a horticultural community, the most significant relationship is often the one between sister and brother. This is in contrast to the relationships between father and child in some farming societies. A woman may marry and be recognized as the father of her children. However, the husband and wife usually live apart and their primary father figure is the maternal uncle. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zain Frederick)
  • A single word can be used to refer to two, three, or four words within a sentence. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ghostwriter)
  • Science or art that involves the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and flowers. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Garden cultivation. (in AZ Dictionary)