Hormones means: Your pp will go up with this shit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cole Bush)

What else does Hormones mean?

  • A whore may make loud noises while having sex, but it can be irritating noises for a girl. (in Community Dictionary, added by Christine Kirk)
  • Your body’s regulatory substance. It is found in the body around puberty. Girls: Ages 7-13. Men: 7-13. Sometimes hormones can make you sad about small, insignificant things..or joyful at random moments. You may also find it easier to love. You may have never seen guys before puberty as cute or hot. As hormones kick in, puberty begins and you start to see the opposite of your sex as attractive. In middle school and high school, you may feel anxious around the opposite sexuality. Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s your hormones that makes you feel nervous around the opposite sex. Hormones can be a sign you are growing up. So don’t panic, just smile. Sorry if my description of hormones was not as complete as I hoped. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chandler Medina)
  • They can have extreme mood swings due to hormonal changes in their female hormones. Male hormones can make men look like complete plebs and increase their ego. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaidyn Bridges)
  • This is what sets girls apart from their male counterparts in many strange and troubling ways. Hormones make girls look sexy and men look sexy. They make us sexually active and horny, so it’s why we cut the word into two words: “Whore” and “Moans”. It makes perfect sense, it seems. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pedro Page)