hopster means: A member of a social clique that imitates American African culture, as heard on TV and in the music. This media culture is a source of social status. They also destroy private property in order to create ‘art.’ To get an ignorant hipster girl into bed, they will spray paint their names on other people’s items or ink their own name onto their stuff. (in Community Dictionary, added by Guillermo Martín)

What else does hopster mean?

  • A person who defines taste in popular pop culture. The hopster is in direct conflict with the “hipsters”, who are able to thrive on terms such as “independent” “artistic”, “self-expression” and “different”. He lies at the heart of mass media, enjoys being called “commercial”, “popular” or “sell out”, (in Community Dictionary, added by Remington Vaughn)
  • This is the next great thing. The hipster lifestyle is becoming too common. Hopsters are people who do everything even though it is not fashionable. (in Community Dictionary, added by Efrén García)
  • A hipster is someone who meets all the requirements for a hipster, but uses a different mindset and participates in hip hop music. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reuben Whitaker)
  • A man who masturbates while faking orgasm. (in Community Dictionary, added by Taliyah Carney)
  • You know more about obscure craft beers than you do. No doubt he makes his own beer. Your choice of beer is ridiculed. Drink only IPAs Only domestic beers can be used in cooking. Also known as a beer hipster. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenneth Floyd)