hood rich means: You may live in section 8, low-income housing or the ghetto, but your inside looks more like a small mansion and you own a lot of cars. This is a legitimate job. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anna Miles)

What else does hood rich mean?

  • If someone has a higher income than their neighbors or is illegal. These people can live a luxurious lifestyle but still have the hood mentality. (in Community Dictionary, added by Israel Johnston)
  • Anybody who lives in any area and pretends to have more than what they actually do, is “hood wealthy”. To be “hood rich”, you don’t have to reside in “da neighborhood”. Many people live in lovely homes in suburbs, but they can’t afford to buy their house. These customers are people I meet every day as I work in mortgage lending. Many people have homes that are in foreclosure or bankruptcy. Many of these people find themselves right back where they began, in the “dahood”, or at the bus stop. The key is to start small, then grow big. Don’t be too flashy with your celebrity connections. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camryn Kline)
  • It is detrimental to spend one’s income on luxurious goods and neglect necessities. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adelaide Boyle)
  • Gator boots and the pimp out Gucci suits, I aint got any job, but I STAY FLY- Cant pay my rent, all my money, but thats okay, because im still FLY I have everythang under my moma’s name, but it is okay because i am sharp. (in Community Dictionary, added by Devon Kent)
  • An individual who has extravagant luxuries they cannot afford. They live in the hood, or lead a life of hood. (in Community Dictionary, added by Evaristo Navarro)