hoochie mama means: The hoochie mama girl is one who dresses in all things ghetto. She wears short skirts and a sweater with long sleeves. She has bad breath and has big ass hoop earrings that have her name written in them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Samara Elliott)

What else does hoochie mama mean?

  • The skirt of a woman that shows almost all her goodies. In winter, they will be wearing booty shorts and calling them pants. A woman who is open to people looking but not touching. (in Community Dictionary, added by Avery Fritz)
  • She is hot mama Hoochie. She’s not necessarily a hot slut. Instead, she flirts and teases provactively. (in Community Dictionary, added by Glabella)
  • Conservative moms call it “hoe”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Guillermo Martín)
  • This is a term that women use to describe other women as sluts. (in Community Dictionary, added by MattheusTonus)
  • Couchie comes from French coucher, which means “to lie down” or “to get into bed”. Around the turn of century, there were gritty clubs and circuses. For a while afterward, women danced in sexy rolls on their hips. They were considered to have poor moral character. Therefore, calling someone a hootchiecooch meant calling them a tramp. Hootchie mama, a variant of this expression. You could be beaten down if you do that to a woman. (in Community Dictionary, added by Victoria Álvarez)