honyak means: Our Junior High School coach called our honyaks. He explained that honyak was 10 pounds horse poop packed in a 6-pound bag. A pithier term was used by him to describe horse poop. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jakson1Skirt)

What else does honyak mean?

  • A low-class individual who doesn’t value kindness or social graces. The Ukrainian “goniak”, the Slovak and Bavarian Germans “Honjak” are all deprecatives of “Hun”. This word is an ancestor of Central European Hunnish Invasions. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ayden Durham)
  • In meaning, it is similar to Hoser. This is used to address family members or friends. Most likely originated in Southeastern Canada, Maine or the US. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ruperto Bravo)
  • A polishgerman is a term that refers to someone with poor manners or appearances, such as white trash. Displays junk cars, etc. in front yard. House is often left in disarray. Children are not allowed to wear shoes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lorenzo Nixon)