Honty means: Feeling haunted by the past and being nourished, often through love. You are nourished and haunted by the good times of your former partner. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lilia Peck)

What else does Honty mean?

  • A person who thinks they’re crazy. Honty is a term that refers to drugs. You can call anyone a honty and say they’re high, or weird. (in Community Dictionary, added by Romualdo Moya)
  • Marajuana or canibis, also known as Hash, was first made in resin by Soro around the early 1990s. See Haunty. (in Community Dictionary, added by Philip Sweeney)
  • A delicious brown gick that can make one feel quite high, has been known for giving The Fear.Whithnail. “My thumbs are all twisted up, my fear is causing me to have a nervous breakdown.” Hashish Cannabis Resin Gonk. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yasmine Atkins)