homograph means: A quadratic function called the Homograph that helps confused individuals determine if they are homosexual or straight, is known as The Homograph. The 21. It was discovered by an inquisitive group of students. The formula is y=10.02x-22+100. Simply add the NoHomo number in your sentence to determine whether you’re gay. Your Output should be negative. This means that you may not be gay. (in Community Dictionary, added by Psychomancy)

What else does homograph mean?

  • Method of communicating between homosexuals. stop. Also, see the singing homograph. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gerardo Caballero)
  • A combination of one or more words with the same spelling, but different origins, meanings, and sometimes even pronunciations, like fair (pleasing appearance) fair Or (market). Wind Wind and Wind (wind). (in AZ Dictionary)