Holyoke means: Holyoke can be found in the Northeast corner on Colorado’s map. Nebraska could also be considered. This is the podunkest podunk town. You can also enjoy tumbleweed racing, cow tipping and snipe hunting. (in Community Dictionary, added by Coleman Thomas)

What else does Holyoke mean?

  • An interesting old city of industry in Western Massachusetts. Holyoke has been called the “arson capital of the world”, due to the large number of abandoned, burned-out and vacant buildings littering its streets. The “Paper City”, once an industrial capital, was known for producing paper and textiles. It relied on water power from the river and a complex canal network that harnessed it. Holyoke was a place of abandoned factories and boarded-up brick blocks with five and six stories. This city became home to drug dealers who used it as lookouts and squats. Holyoke was an abandoned, rubble-filled city after the 1960s, when many buildings were destroyed by fires. There were piles of burned debris left. The area is densely populated by large brick tenements. It has many characteristics that give it the look of larger inner-city neighborhoods in the late 70s and early 80s. It’s easy to feel at home when you see disinvestments in neighborhoods, such as those seen in Roxbury and South Bronx. Holyoke has begun to revitalize downtown and is also undertaking a “slum clearing” in order to reconstruct some of Northeast’s most dangerous ghettos. High-tech jobs are also attracted to the city because of its green hydropower access. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gabriel Fernández)
  • Holyoke, Western MA is home to approximately 60,000 residents. Springfield is the second-poorest city in this area. There are many Puerto Ricans living there, along with some blacks and wannabe cambodians. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mikaela Caldwell)
  • In western Massachusetts. Highest pregnancy rate, highest std ratings, in Massachusetts. The birthplace of volleyball. There are many gangs and crack addicts. Prostitutes are also common. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nolan Luna)