Holy Child means: Potomac MD school that badly needs renovation. It’s a shame about the girls. The majority of them are ugly but the MS girls look like they are going to kick an ass. There is not one fat person there. However, education is a success. They are so stupid. They don’t know how to spell and can only do prealgebra up to 10th grade. You won’t find anything better, but you will get nice girls. My time would be spent at Visi or AHC. But if you’re desperate. GANGSTA. (in Community Dictionary, added by KayylinZho)

What else does Holy Child mean?

  • HC is the absolute best. It does look a bit dated, but it isn’t the first time it’s been updated since 1600. We also share one field with 9 other sports. You will meet the funny, hot and chill girls everyone is looking for. Upon entering HC you will see seniors running through hallways in yellow skirts, probably trying to take advantage of teachers. There is also the homeroom, which you’ll find hilarious skits and endless people discussing announcements. You won’t be able miss the first ten minute of A block. There’s also the senior lounge. It’s hard to describe. It’s a sacred space that has witnessed many strange and unexpected events. Any HC alumni will laugh about it. You’ll have HC girls by the time that you graduate. We know that there is no home like HC. 3. (in Community Dictionary, added by ZacerElapse)
  • A 6-12 all-girls Catholic school in Potomac (Md), just 14 miles from Washington DC. Despite the traffic jams and oversleeping and late carpools and accidents on the beltway as well as staying home to complete a paper, HC girls still make it to campus and bond over food and freebies. Both Tiffanified students and Pearribbon Belt wearing sluts and artistsy Hot Topic-wearing, dyed-haired rock girls are a commonality. Despite their differences, everyone becomes good friends in senior year. All girl schools have a reputation for being breeding places for sluts. HC girls enjoy weekend bedtimes with Prep and Zaga guys. (in Community Dictionary, added by Macey Blair)
  • Yes, it can be annoying, but we’re not little shitheads like Visi and Holy Cross girls. We’re also no bitches making a film about mean people with our school. And we’re certainly not borderline psychotic, like the Stone Ridge girls. Holy Child is way better than all of you. BOOYAKASHA. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maeve Murillo)
  • This school is probably the most liberal among the many all-girls schools around the DC region. Holy Child may not have a large student population that is as diverse in racial and cultural backgrounds as some schools but its students are extremely economically and intellectually rich. Upperclassmen, i.e. the girls are more open than their peers to people different to them. During frees, laxers often hang out with children who are artists. It is up to the student to decide if she is willing to challenge herself. It is very humanist-oriented. Holy Child girls don’t necessarily feel obliged to go to a brother school. There can also be many boyfriends at many schools. Holy Child might have its fair share of lesbians. But, what school for all girls doesn’t? Finally, even though the school is located in Potomac there are a small number of students that actually reside there. (in Community Dictionary, added by Laurel Villarreal)
  • The School for sluts that act like morons. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gilbert Good)
  • Holy Child, even though it’s an all-girl’s school, is still a wonderful place. There are some “sluts”, and there may be some girl who are just plain fake blonde wannabes, but everyone is happy. There is no “popular group” or clique. It’s just those who believe they are more important than others. Because the classes are smaller, it is easier to build relationships and receive a better education. You can enjoy many fun activities like Spirit Week and Blue and Gold Games. The girls who go to the club are quite diverse in their style and money. You can watch the blonde preppy girl laughing and working with the girl who is more artistic during frees. Although there are many wealthy families, just as many girls receive financial aid and scholarships that were likely given to them by their parents. There are also Nissans, Fords, and Lexus in the carpool. The fact that everyone at HC are so friendly and outgoing makes friendships strong. The archdiocease has the best spirit and most fun. My friendships here have transformed my life and made me more accepting. I am accepted for who I am, not the crazy girl with orange hair and nosejob. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yasmin Ferrell)