historical reference means: “Historical Reference” – This may be: 1. An action that is human-related and/or involves the treatment, care, or character of human beings. It includes searching for, researching, or treating conditions, past data, knowledge, or other information. This is a method that covers the entire history of an event. 2. Historical research; records from the past. For example, searching data related to “Legend of King Author’s grave”. An archaeologist or historian researches legends about where such a grave is located. When new information is discovered, it can be added to existing data. This includes an overview of the latest discoveries in scientific, historical, technological, or technical research that is currently being done. It should also include a description of any information which has been considered to be important for the topic area. The new evidence could be published in an article paper or peer-reviewed journal. The legend becomes a legend. Instead, it becomes more historical or an event. 3. Data knowledge or facts that are reconstructed, which creates an environment where legend can be more historically accurate. New research. Oder, based on an event, custom or style in the past. 4. A legend that has the potential to become historical evidence based on tangible evidence. (in Community Dictionary, added by SnapledJiggle)