hippycrit means: An individual who claims they are a ‘hippy’ but actually is quite against the oldschool definitions of peace and love. They are often incredibly pretentious and condescending. Although they try to appear like they don’t care about their clothes, they really do. They also love style and coordination and prefer to be with those who are more secure in their identity and self-esteem. Being put together does not make you shallow. It is important to not assume that appreciation for linesemcolour or putting them together in self-expression or enjoyment, means empty scenesterism. This especially applies to people who may be just as scenesters as those pretending not. Unaccepting. Exclusive. They are not a hippy, contrary to what they say. They would love for everyone to see them as open and harmonious people, but this isn’t the truth. This term was created by yusef. But i feel tremendously it could not possibly be more fitting to describe what I grew up in guelph. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aurelio Medina)