hippo means: Hippo is an abbreviation for fat or obese. This word is mainly used to trolling. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sage Benson)

What else does hippo mean?

  • An hippo with a big mouth is someone who claims something wrong and then does the exact same thing again or did it before. It is similar to calling someone a “hippo”: it means that you are pointing out who they are talking too. This word comes from the Greek term hypocrite. It could also refer to the large mouth that a hippo has when it opens wide. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kareem Bray)
  • The opinion of the highest paid persons. The person who is at the top of the corporate ladder, whose opinions finally matter. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anahi Zavala)
  • These are the best animals for fucking. 2. Starr Jones. (in Community Dictionary, added by Segismundo Reyes)
  • Hippopritamus is short for Pritamus is a romanized form of Pritam, an indian name. It could be used as a nickname, or simply as a joke. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaelyn Nixon)
  • 1. Large amphibious animal that lives on land. It looks like a large, grey, and leathery horse. Their large mouth is missing some teeth, and they have an unruly temper. They should not be approached or fed. 2. Unattractive fat lady in large clothes. Don’t approach the feed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenya Barnes)