Himani means: Himani, a beautiful girl whose name means “Snow”, is amazing. This name is truly unique and captivating. Although she has a lovely nature that attracts all, she is also a very Autophileperson and a night-dark nyctophile. You should be careful when she tells you she’s “busy with Work” but she really is just trying to avoid your attention. You can ignore people until death with her talent. To make herself comfortable she loves loose, oversized clothes. She also doesn’t like using beauty products. You can trust her, all of your secrets will be safe with her. She is independent and responsible. Her talent is natural. Although she has a lot of admirers, her work ethic is very serious. Her plans are a multitude and she loves to travel. (in Community Dictionary, added by Philomelian)

What else does Himani mean?

  • Himani Kaiser, a highly himmat-waali girl, hopes to soon find her Prince kaiser. (in Community Dictionary, added by Esther Delgado)
  • Himani is an amazing girl. Himani’s hair is long and silky. Her personality is a mix of creativity, fun and beauty. Hisani is a beautiful woman. Her talents are diverse. She’s artistic and great at dancing. Everyone loves her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Vincent Jarvis)
  • Himani means Snow as pure and as white as Snow on the mountains Glacier, or Parvati in Indian. The wife of Shiva, the Hindu God. Parvati, the Hindu supreme god of Power is the beneficent side. Parvati, as depicted in sculptures, is always depicted maturely and beautifully. Indian Sanskrit is the origin of Himani. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shyanne Valentine)
  • Himani is one the most interesting people you can be around. She is a bit gossipy, but it is not always dull when she’s around. It’s a pleasure to interfere in the love affairs of other people. Although she is not athletic, her figure is impressive. Himani’s black hair is beautiful and falls to her waist. Her sense of humor is unique and she attracts everyone with her funny jokes. Everyone adores Himani. (in Community Dictionary, added by María Díaz)
  • Himani, a beautiful young girl. She looks great with either long hair or short. Himani is an accomplished and dedicated dancer. HIMANI 3 is a favorite of everyone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Priscilla Dean)
  • If you ever meet a Himani you better keep her. You will be able to say hello when you see her. You can count on her to comfort you and make you smile with her funny jokes. You will be so grateful to have shared many wonderful memories with her. Even if she isn’t part of her friends group, you will still be there for you. Although she can sometimes be quite crazy, she remains focused on her education. She is also gifted at the violin. She doesn’t allow boys to distract from her goals, but she does have her share of crushes. You should meet Himani and become one of her friends. (in Community Dictionary, added by Neil Gibson)