hikikomori means: A relationship between a man who is sexually unhappy and his dolly. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leo Cannon)

What else does hikikomori mean?

  • Hikikikomori are people who seldom leave their house or rooms. These people are isolated from the rest of society, and they have very few friends. Hikikomori are also known to have otaku-esque hobbies, like manga and anime. They may even be NEET. (in Community Dictionary, added by Wendy Brock)
  • Hikikomori, a Japanese term, refers to people who are reclusive and don’t leave their homes. They prefer to use the internet to fill their time, particularly on Japan’s 2ch. These people have no work and declare their occupations as “hikikomori”, which means “home security guard”, to cover their unemployed status. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alejandra Brewer)
  • An individual who lives in their own home and receives money from another source. The money comes from welfare, or from a relative. Sometimes, an online job is available. This Anime was written and used in the Anime: Welcome to N.H.K. See: Neet. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francesc Gallardo)
  • A person who is withdrawn from social interactions in real life. Hikikikomori are people who rarely leave their homes and have no close friends or families. Although they may be able to become otakus, gamers, or nerds, a hikikomori does not always have to be. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tianna Hayden)
  • Japanese recluse who isolates themselves from the rest of society. A Japanese recluse who is usually mute, won’t talk to anybody and sleeps most of the day. Name of Comedy Cartoon Series www.hikikomori.tv. (in Community Dictionary, added by Priscilla Dean)