Hickster means: Hicksters, a term that stems from Hick, aren’t rednecks, but rather live in suburbs with middle-class residents. The Hickster is a bookworm and intelligent but not very social. They lack common sense and have no idea how to interact with others. Although they might be very competitive in sports and may try their best at it, Hicksters will often become overweight and severely affect their body and athleticism. They can be very different in body type, from skinny to chubby and potbellied to thin. Hicksters can have awkward conversations, and they speak in broken English with frequent pitch changes between sentences. Hicksters eat fatty food, meats and soft drinks. They also consume jello, bagged chips, and other junk food. They will tell smart jokes to boost their confidence, which will hopefully make people laugh. However they won’t get a lot of laughter from their audience. They may not have friends or companions if they are with Hicksters, people who share their low standards or similar characteristics. Hicksters can be annoying and cringey. They are not a pleasant presence, but they do make people uncomfortable. Remember, you don’t want to be square and especially not a Hickster. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brodie Harper)

What else does Hickster mean?

  • Red neck hipster. IE: Cowboy hat, boots and beard. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rebekah Trujillo)
  • A person who dress like a Hick, Redneck or Redneck. They do it because they feel comfortable. This term comes from Hipster. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gema Soto)
  • Unknowingly, a person who looks like a hipster, but is actually a corn-husking hoot. They can look like typical hipsters due to their two-toned, greasy hair and haughty attire. (in Community Dictionary, added by Renee Mcdowell)
  • Person who finds themselves in a identity crisis, between hipster and hickredneck. (in Community Dictionary, added by Danielle Cuevas)
  • Hicksters are Rednecks with modern flair. Hicksters love the finer things of life. They can mix fashion trends in a way that neither a “hipster” nor ‘Hick could. Hicksters are often seen in a variety of clothing styles, including those from Gap, Patagonia and Parana as well as Wrangler and Carhart. They also have a mix of thrift and Wal-mart finds. Hicksters will be able to spot tight T-shirts featuring slogans such as “The south will rise again”, paired with jeans and tennis shoes. A Hickster usually will wear a leather cowboy cap, Velo caps, or beanie to complete his look. Nearly all of the head covers will include trophy’s left over from past gatherings. Beer bottle caps or fish hooks make a good choice. Hicksters will use phrases such as “this isn’t my first rodeo”, which are a sign that they are speaking to Hicksters. The living spaces of Hicksters are unique. A Hickster’s home will be decorated almost always with Rebal flags and Hippy-style tapestries. A Hickster can bring fun and excitement to boring days by adding them to your friends list. Hicksters are a story-tellers and will likely make new memories. Hicksters love to get drunk, do anything they tell and complete challenging tasks while getting hammered. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fátima Domínguez)