Hibby means: Lucy’s sound. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ignacio Blanchard)

What else does Hibby mean?

  • DAoC character taken from the uber, but eventually nerfed and underpowered Hibernia realm. (in Community Dictionary, added by Porfirio Sáez)
  • The ambitions of a thugsta.. H.I.B = Herb Ice Bullet.. the gangsta’s true loves. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenneth Floyd)
  • A person often called “dirty”, ‘gay’, “scum”, and other such terms. In order to appear “big” and “sound cnt”, he pretends that he likes football to be liked by his mates. Hibs FC is the team that they support. However, this doesn’t provide such a service. Instead, it provides a 90 minute horror show that showcases their lack of talent, skill and finesse. The good news is that the hibbies are so thick they believe they see flair. They can then continue to support a football team and watch an hour-and-a half of what is an embarrassment for all professional sports, including the SPL. It has been a long, frustrating process to achieve anything significant. Hibs fans can often be seen in the Leith neighborhood of Edinburgh. This area is commonly called a “slum”. When a hibby turns 35-40 years old, they’ll start spending less time at the MFI flatpack stadium on easter road. Instead, they will spend more time sitting on benches in Leith with newspaper in hand, soaking up their urinefacial matter and stanton. (in Community Dictionary, added by Busybody)