Heyyyyyyyyy means: You are extremely drunk when you attempt to write the word “hey” You used 9 y’s. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alfonso Campos)

What else does Heyyyyyyyyy mean?

  • 1.- Because you were bored, you added ‘y” to the?hey. 2.- The 8 y stood for hate and you were curious to find out what the 9 y would signify. 3.- Because you are so cool, just put 9 “y” in there. 4.- I’m here to help you with the first definition. In fact, that was what brought me here and it turned into this definition. 5.- If you are looking forward to typing a 10th “y”, it won’t make the task any easier. 6.- You must have been bored reading all 5 definitions. 7.- I am so bored that I have written this. It all. 8.- Don’t waste your time. Do something productive. 9.- I have already warned you. 10.- OMG, get a new life 11.- So we meet again -.- 12.- Take it seriously 13.- This means that you have to live a full life. 14.- You should go outside. 15.- Ok, are you kidding me? 16.- K 17.- I’ll find you. You will be spammed. LOLCATS. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shyla Hogan)