herring choker means: An Irish-born person whose grandparents or parents settled in New Brunswick Canada. These people are usually so poor that they would rather walk with their shoes in their boots than spend money on new shoes. These people also eat a lot of Herring or get their livelihood from Herring fishermen. They are also known as “herringchokers”. You can classify them as: “Irish Jews”, Penny Pinchers, and “cheap momfuckers”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alec Lynch)

What else does herring choker mean?

  • A person of Scandinavian heritage. This applies to all landlocked communities of Scandinavian immigrants, including the whole state of Minnesota. However, these communities don’t choke their herrings in traditional ways and instead use commercial canneries for pre-choking and pickingle the fish. (in Community Dictionary, added by Banjolin)
  • A person who is from New Brunswick, Canada. This term comes from the notion that those living in the maritimes eat only fish and herring. (in Community Dictionary, added by Annabel Mcfarland)