hemostat means: 1. A roach clip or tweezer, which are used to secure a joint that is too small for your fingers. Also known as hemo. 2. The hemostat (also known as a hemostatic clamp) is a surgical instrument that resembles a pair of scissors, but with a locking clamp instead of the blade. There are many types and sizes of hemostats, including Crile, Kelly and Halstead. Each surgery will require the use of several hemostats. Hemostats are used both in surgery and in emergency medicine to stop bleeding. Hemostasis is the process of stopping bleeding. Paramedics and combat lifesavers carry hemostasis kits that include hemomostats. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kailyn Rice)

What else does hemostat mean?

  • A chemical or agent that causes bleeding to stop. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • This clamp-like instrument is used to close a blood vessel to stop blood flow during surgery. (in AZ Dictionary)