Heifer Dust means: HeiferDust, also known as Heifer Dust, was an old saying that originated in the 1920’s and 1940’s. This term is used to describe someone who talks nonsense or rubbish and then the person calling them out. HeiferDust was also linked to a Seasoning, spice, or rub to season meats and vegetables. You can find a variety of recipes online. You can also find the name of a spice or seasoning company. This saying is illustrated in High Chaparral’s 1969 TV series. It can be seen within the first 45 seconds on “Widow From Red Rock” episode. My grandfather, who was born 1899, often used this term in 1970 when the grandkids were loud. He would then get too stimulated to say “awe HeiferDust”, and move on to quieter areas. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bianca Gentry)

What else does Heifer Dust mean?

  • Due to inactivity, the dust builds up around an empty virgins’ vagina. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ruben Mclean)
  • Non-dairy creamer is slang. A heifer, also known as a female cow without a calf yet, is incapable of producing liquid milk. However it can produce it one day. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mohamed Mcgee)