heichou means: A tiny little Frenchman who likes to clean. If it isn’t written by Isayama, he won’t be able to and likely will never get an accurate fanfiction. Hanji is his friend, and he will win the fight for you. According to what I’ve seen, people often ship him with Perta or Hanji, Erwin or Eren. (in Community Dictionary, added by Efrén Medina)

What else does heichou mean?

  • Heichou is a small, angry elf that likes to clean up and tell poop jokes. I don’t know how he can get onto his horse, but he does it without any hesitation. You’re just my delivery man. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lucano Díaz)
  • He’s a short, nimble man that can beat anyone. A squad that WON’T be killed, but is still Humanity’s strongest. He is responsible for the care of a 17-year old titan shifter. He enjoys making poop jokes, cleaning and riding short horses. He is actually called Rivialle, or Levi Ackerman. He is also French. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pío Torres)