Heartagram means: It is the juxtaposition of lovehate and lifedeath. Ville Valo describes it as a Yin and Yang symbol of the Western World. The symbol of the band HIM. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sebastián Morales)

What else does Heartagram mean?

  • The signature symbol of HIM Infernal Majesty is the heartagram. Contrary to popular belief, Bam Margera didn’t invent the heartagram. Ville Valo was the leader of HIM and gave Bam permission to use it as they are close friends. The heartagram itself is not satanic. Ville, the creator of heartagrams says that they are ‘the 21st-century yin/yang’. The pentagram is both a heart-shaped and a pentagram. The pentagram is used to represent anger and hate. It also represents all those dark, sad things that people don’t want to deal with. The perfect complement to the inverted pentagram is the heart, which represents love and light. The heartagram, in my opinion is an incredible symbol for an outstanding band. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brett Rice)
  • The symbol for Love Metal is the Heartagram. The H.I.M. made it. or His Infernal Majesty. The logo is composed of both a pentagram that represents metal music and a heart that symbolizes love. The logo does not have anything to do with Bam Margares, it is just a love letter to H.I.M. Their logo is on his clothes and television show. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ildefonso Vega)
  • A symbol that represents Heaven and Hell, light and dark, love and hatred, etc. It is often mistaken for a Satanist symbol. (in Community Dictionary, added by Joel Ramos)
  • This symbol was created by Ville Valo, the lead singer of HIM. This symbol is made up of both a pentagram (and) and a heart. It is a combination of a pentagram and symbols for death or evil. The heart is for good and love. Ville calls it a combination of yin and yang. This is the common theme in their album names. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rugousph1912)
  • The heartagram is often seen on Viva La Bam. It was not created by Bam. It is simply displayed by him to express his affection for HIM and the band. Ville Valo (lead singer in the Finnish band) created the heartagram. The heartagram, like everyone else, is a mixture of a pentagram and a heart, thus the name HEARTAGRAM. For all you idiots who think that it is a triangle and a heart, the truth is it could be called a triangular heartangle. The heartagram is a symbol of love and hatred. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marcos Aguilar)