Headster means: The term Headster refers to individuals who mix hipsters with hippis, but are too young to be considered hippis. They’re more open to other main stream cultures and accept hipster traditions. Headers listen to music that is surreal in jazz, blues and reggae or any other combination thereof. Headers listen to music from yesterday such as the live music tracks of The Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin’s deep tracks. Sublime and MGMT are two examples of current bands that may be too mainstream for hipsters, but are still appropriate for headsters. Accepted are solo albums and music groups that are not affiliated with popular bands. Headster also derives its name from marijuana’s relationship with the word “head”. Traditional headster smoke marijuana and eat different kinds of THC-rich foods. Many Headsters have several hook-ups and own paraphernalia. Although alcohol is accepted, there’s more emphasis on mind-altering substances. While it’s not unusual to find a headster sipping tea, it’s quite common to see one in a café. (in Community Dictionary, added by Josephine Scott)