Hazbin hotel means: It’s a child-friendly show, and it is good. But too many people on Twitter say its homophobic and everyone is a bad person. The premise of that show was that everybody needed to be kind so that person believed that everyone should be kind just because they are watching a different show. One of the reasons why I hate humanity is because it’s this. (in Community Dictionary, added by Delaney Henry)

What else does Hazbin hotel mean?

  • This cartoon has so many potentialities, but people continue to put it down either because they find it offensive or just for brain dead furries. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adón Méndez)
  • This show is suitable for children. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kyson Dougherty)
  • Hazbin Hotel is the best show for kids. There is currently only one episode, the pilot, which was created by Vivziepop (an experienced YouTube animator). This episode features Charlie, the Princess of Hell. For a complete summary of the episode, visit Wikipedia. So, this is Charlie, the story of a girl called Charlie who makes friends with an evil deer man who has to brush his teeth. She also meets a little girl known as cyclops who will kill anyone, a bipedal cat who drinks, and a spider mobster pornstar who fucks men for a living. Vaggie is also included. She’s not only beautiful, but also a bitch. (in Community Dictionary, added by Valerie Hamilton)