Hawaiian Hotbox means: You can smoke marijuana inside a bathroom that has a shower. You do this by turning on the hot setting of the shower until it steams up. The smoke is then released into the air, thickening the steamy atmosphere with sweet kushy goodness. Once the smoke has drained, smokers will usually relax in their newly-created jungle. The air can often become so dense that it is difficult to see the entire room. These are the benefits of Hawaiian hotboxing: 1. Because it stimulates all senses, this is really enjoyable. It creates an immersive visual experience. Because of its high water content, the air is usually visible. The air flowing through the bathroom is quite beautiful. One can truly appreciate the different states of matter by watching it. You can smell the sweet, smoky Marry Jane floating in the air. If the hotboxing is done properly, you can still get water vapor in your mouth. It is warm and humid, and the sound becomes distorted. 2. Heat causes one’s pores open up to absorb additional marijuana chemicals. 3. You have to breathe in the smoke, which is why the air becomes thicker with marijuana. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aurelio Medina)