hard charger means: A person who stops at a red light, most likely tossing their tires and stepping on the gas. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cleofás Mora)

What else does hard charger mean?

  • For maximum effort, stick your hard-dick into an electrical socket (in Community Dictionary, added by Chase Berg)
  • An adult male of a typical age who has an insignificant penis and feels the need for excessive gasoline consumption. (in Community Dictionary, added by Riley Briggs)
  • An ugly ass, who lands it at a red light and then runs down the street. (in Community Dictionary, added by Makenna Armstrong)
  • 1. After sitting at a stoplight, one who puts the foot on the accelerator. 2. Ze Frank uses the term “the Show” to refer to politicians and other individuals who are not considered cool. The term “hard charger” is used to refer to someone who calls them an “asshole”. Ze Frank claims that Hard Chargers are an enemy to Sports Racers. He uses this term for his veiwers. Even though motorsports racers are, by definition, hard-chargers. This irony may be intentional. (in Community Dictionary, added by John Rice)
  • U.S. Marines refer to each other by a nickname when they are referring specifically to a Marine who does their job well, and is highly respected by the Marines around them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sandra Nash)