hankty means: Adj. : Pissed; angry; insecure; eager to win. Verbally aggressive; angry; negative attitude when confronted with something. Although the origin of this expression is not known, it was used in 1974. It didn’t start at a college in 2003. However, it was a widely used expression for decades. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rebeca Ruiz)

What else does hankty mean?

  • Adj. Adj. To be irreverent and funky. To be rude and pityful. Show your worst side. Uninformed person that doesn’t know how to behave. (in Community Dictionary, added by Luciano Fernández)
  • Hankty is an adjectival form of disrespectful, selfish and ignunt. Notice: The common expression “hankty bitsch” uses the word Noun form: Hanktiness Although the term “hankty”, although it may have had a shady history, was first given its modern meaning by a New Haven theatre student in 2003. It has become a household name on the East Coast. (in Community Dictionary, added by Efrén Romero)