Hamtramck High School means: Ham high is also known as Ham high and can be found in Hamtramck’s middle, at Gallagher St. It is reminiscent of a mental asylum and many people living in it are influenced by that. Ham High has charm, from its brick exterior in babyshit to the dirty and brown interiors. ESL students are always in high supply, which makes it a great place to live. The boys do terrible things and go against their parents’ wishes. They are terrible human beings and like to speed through the city, causing potential problems. These egotistic rats, who are supported by daddy and mommy for “boys will become boys”, like to harass and emotionally abuse girls. The cobweb-filled classroom is not the only thing that’s shabby. It’s a joke that the “Cosmos”, or cosmos, team has a lot of pride in this school. If you don’t wish to be grabbed and beaten by some gangsta wannabe brown boy, then do not go. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maximus Fischer)