Halsey means: A trap name, but an uncommon one. It’s annoying to hear people say “oh, like Halsey”, yeah. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lucrecia Ortega)

What else does Halsey mean?

  • Absolute rat. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alisha Glass)
  • New Jersey’s multi-talented singer. Amazing abilities include singing, acting, drawing, cooking, and directing. Beautiful smile. (in Community Dictionary, added by Raegan Russo)
  • A. Proper Noun. Commonly used as a word, but more often as a lastname. A nickname is used for someone who does not have Halsey’s last name. b. Name rich in Navy history and the Historical community, especially WWII. C. Very smart or not so intelligent. d. A hall monitor. Also known as a rat or nerd and a four-eyes. e. All sex activities, including those involving advanced positions or gasms, were included. (in Community Dictionary, added by Strathspey)
  • A “alternative”, “indie,” artist who creates “alternative,” and “indie” music, but who is not a popular singer. No. (in Community Dictionary, added by Peyton Cooley)
  • Halsey, a stage name of Ashley Nicollete Frangipane (bisexual, biracial, and bipolar) is Halsey. Her blue hair is what makes her an alternative electro-pop artist. In 2014, she released an EP entitled ‘Room 93’. She began with a Haylor song problem parodie by Taylor Swift. Her debut album, called “Badlands”, was released in August 2015. It includes the songs “Ghost”, “New Americana”, and “Colors”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ademption)
  • This is a girl who became famous for trashing Taylor Swift’s 2012 song “The Haylor Song”. She is an indiealternative artist who also knows 5 Seconds of Summer. (in Community Dictionary, added by Timothy Anthony)