half natty means: Half Natty refers to a bodybuilder that has lifted for at least 5 years. Natty is a term that means natural. Therefore, it’s half-natural. This is not to be confused for someone who used steroids but has stopped using them. This bodybuilder’s results show an amazing physique that some may consider unnatural. This term has been developed in the bodybuilding community to describe those who have been sceptical of using performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids, or SARMS. You must train and eat well to achieve the physique and structure of Half Natty bodybuilders. Half Natty bodybuilders use every opportunity to capture the best progress shots. You might also want to have a good pump and a well-oiled body. These steps may give an illusion that a person has 5-10 lbs more muscle than he/she actually does. (in Community Dictionary, added by Martín Guerrero)

What else does half natty mean?

  • A bodybuilder with a good mix of natural and steroid gains. It’s when your friend gets huge and then you start juicing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fishwife)
  • This is a short-term bodybuilder. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lilyana Frederick)