Half Mother means: The mother of your half-brother. (in Community Dictionary, added by Agustín Mora)

What else does Half Mother mean?

  • The mother of your half-sibling. Your dad’s bitch, who then has children with your half-sibling, files false protective orders against him. Your dad has no money, so your half-sister becomes just like him, while your brother gets addicted because he was influenced by his mom into believing he is sick. You are born to your mother after your dad marries your mom. Because the bitch mother had set a court date to determine child custody. However, she fled to another state to set another date to establish child support. Your father could not show up to the court because the bitch claimed that she did not know the location of your dad. Your dad is owed a lot of money because he didn’t find out about child support until many years later. Now that time has passed, your father owes an awful lot of money. (in Community Dictionary, added by Riley Black)