Gypsy Queen means: Human embodiment of the leaf in a river. Her smooth and effortless movement from one experience into the next is a testament to her ability to thrive on the positive and learn from the negative. She is a woman with a head full of aspirations and dreams, with wits that can disarm any situation and guide her through any obstacles with grace. You can both envy her and feel a pull towards her. She can bring light into the darkest rooms and make even the most difficult of people smile. She makes it seem like the two of you in the entire world are together when you’re around her. You will feel safe and secure no matter what the circumstance – whether you are running away from an officer helicopter in the desert or clinging on to a volcano’s side, or if you are running through desert terrain trying to escape a police helicopter, or diving into the strong oceanic currents full of sharks, one glance at her makes it seem like everything is normal. Do I need to say that she’s stunning? You are immediately captivated by her first glance. You are hooked from the moment you meet her. Your heart swells every time you meet her, and you will never forget the feeling of enchantment that you experienced in your first encounter. As she dances about the room, you’ll be staring at her and wondering which song is in her head. Her beauty is best in the morning and she glows even after a hard workout. In a nutshell she is the most amazing person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paul Madden)