Gymcel means: 1. Noun A fool who believes that lifting weights will eventually make him a woman. But, girls really want a model-tier, 6’+ face and decent bone structure. a good fffrrraaammmeee. This word is a combination of the words ‘gym’ and ‘celibate’ 2. Verb In vain hopes of getting a girl. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kai Hooper)

What else does Gymcel mean?

  • This is a subtype of the incel. The most common advice that the public offers to incels who have had bad experiences with dating is to groom more and go to the gym. Gymcels believe that they should bulk up in order to be more attractive. However, their attractiveness does not improve significantly as many begin with the least appealing bone structure. Gymcel is best suited to be a male butterface, if his physical structure permits it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Donovan Douglas)
  • Gymcel refers to a man who is too serious about his workouts and has little else. Cel can also be associated with incel, which means someone who has trouble getting laid. Gymcels spend many hours at the gym, often on weekends, trying to attract women. But the problem with their faces is the fact that they are not able to change their appearance. (in Community Dictionary, added by Armani Flores)