gutter skank means: A chic person is a person who looks as filthy and dirty as possible. They can also be slut, disgusting or just plain nasty. (in Community Dictionary, added by Wilfredo Pérez)

What else does gutter skank mean?

  • Gutterskank is a woman who has lost her moral fibre and fallen below that of common women. This usually results in an ill-healthed state. You don’t have to negotiate with such creatures for their affection. They will accept any small item of financial compensation or monetary compensation. The wretch is no more than a husk and has no soul. Although it might be considered an insult by the sewer rat, the swine is content to survive and has been labelled a “skank” in society. (in Community Dictionary, added by Priscila Montero)
  • The Gutter Skank, as previously pre-supposed is an unfortunate individual whose actionsbeliefsappearance has forced them into the status of said title. They usually live in the gutters, but some of them have been seen hiding in open spaces like the garage or dustbin. Gutter skanks love metal-tasting objects and the smell of autumn leaves at the curb. The season is known for its increased appearance. Gutter Skanks hate small children and will use force and animosity to get their way. Gutter Skanks are a distinct group and depend on blood exchange for survival. Many believe that “mud-blood”, a term derived from popular books by not so famous authors, was inspired from the ineligibility of Gutter Skanks’ blood. The deprivation of these once afflicted races is what has led to their demise. There are now only two left. Gutter Skank can be eliminated by incorporating giraffe serum into your daily life. It can be used as a washing liquid. A possible infection can be characterized by a burning smell, rotten flesh and disappearances of food, valuables and babies. (in Community Dictionary, added by Stenopaeic)