Gurm means: Uncool, awkward, embarassing or inappropriate behaviour that goes beyond the boundaries of protocol or protocols without even realising it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Oriol Carrasco)

What else does Gurm mean?

  • The term was originally used in Nashville to refer to an annoying, overzealous fan. Fan who is not content to just be a music fan, but also tries to get involved in your daily life. Fan who talks backstage and convinces themselves the band really loves them. Fan that interrupts an artist/band member while they are eating or shopping in a shop. Fan who refuses to acknowledge that they are not welcome. Fan who is completely unaware of their own annoyingness. (in Community Dictionary, added by Everett Burton)
  • Abbreviation for George R.R. Martin, or the phonetically pronounced GRRM. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zacarías Moya)