gull means: Person who doesn’t pay for food, but is always eating other people’s food or raiding their refrigerator. (in Community Dictionary, added by Konner Singleton)

What else does gull mean?

  • 2. an expression that invites approval and overexcitement in the “masculine mood” 2. See also the “feminine present tense” for “yull”. (in Community Dictionary, added by FulbrighHent)
  • Chen used the word “What is Love” to describe Chen. He was actually supposed to use girl language, just like D.O. It was instead pronounced “gull”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kiana Park)
  • Dupe: A person that is easy to trick or cheated. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • One of many chiefly coastal seabirds in the Laridae family, with long wings and webbed feet. They also have a thick hooked beak and gray or white plumage. (in AZ Dictionary)